Advantages of Power Washing the Exterior of Your Commercial Building 

One of the major responsibilities that any commercial manager or owner needs to prioritize is to clean the exterior to keep a professional and welcoming appearance. The issue is that a property’s exterior can be challenging to clean because of the big structure with a lot of areas, making some parts unreachable from the ground. When commercial buildings aren’t maintained, they can get extremely dirty. There are tons of things that can affect the aesthetics of your building, such as dirt, gum, grease, graffiti, mildew, pollution and birds.  


All of these factors can adversely impact the look of your building’s sidewalks, walls, windows, and roof. Because of this, it’s really important to hire a commercial pressure washing service from the experts to help you maintain your building’s exterior and keep it in a pristine and clean condition. If you’re still undecided, here are some of its benefits that you surely won’t dare miss: 

Protects against injury 

Making sure that the exterior of your commercial building is professionally cleaned can help you reduce the chances of falls and slips, which are the most typical accidents that happen in any workplace. Moreover, power washing your parking areas, walkways, and sidewalks can remove mold, grease, and some substances that are possibly hazardous to your staff and your clients.  

Promote health  

Having your commercial building professionally pressure wash is one of the best ways in making your working environment a lot better for your staff and customers as it can remove possible harmful substance from the surfaces, which greatly endorses healthy living. Dust, algae, pollutants, pollen, and dirt can all have extremely give harmful effects to our health, which results in issues like disease, sinus infections, allergies, trouble breathing and more. Power washing can help remove such substances, especially if done religiously. Moreover, it is a great way to stop those pollutants to accumulate.  

Help prevent costly repairs 

An accumulation of dirt, algae, mold development and bird dropping do not just look unappealing, but they can wear away the building as well. As a result, other types of damage occurs. Particular building materials like brick possibly weaken eventually when it’s left unclean.  Pressure washing gutters, roof, windows, and walls regularly can aid to reduce such dangers. Hence, the business can save money even more in terms of maintenance expenses over time.  

Improve the curb appeal of your building 

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to lease or sell space or not, improving the curb appeal of your property won’t hurt. If you make sure that you regularly have your building professionally pressure washed, it will surely boost your property value and appeal to prospective renters, buyers, or clients. Moreover, it’ll make your building to look more attentive and newer. A clean environment is also a plus points for employees and clients, benefiting the entire business.  

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How to Properly Store Terpenes and Cannabis 

Without a doubt, it is extremely crucial that you maintain the potency and freshness of your medicinal terpenes and cannabis.  


However, you should keep in mind that various products will have various storage needs and shelf-lives. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ve got to remember 4 words – childproof, dry, dark, and cool. You can apply these things whether you are using flowers or oil. 

If you’ve found high-quality cannabis and terpenes for sale, here are several tips in storing them: 


It’s easy to store cannabis oil. Almost every oil would last at least 12 months without any major downgrade. Also, humidity is not a problem as long as the container is airtight. Just keep your container in a dark and cool place out of the reach of kids, such as a medicine cabinet. Then, you’ll be good to go. 

 However, a couple of individuals do like to guarantee freshness in their oil by storing it inside a cooler or fridge. This isn’t required. However, it also does not damage the oil. Although, it does affect the oil’s viscosity. It will eventually thicken to a point where you might have to heat the container before you can use it. If this is the case, the ideal way is to place the container in warm water.  

Dried Flower 

Compared to oils, you will have to invest more effort in storing cannabis flowers. First of all, you’ve got to store the flowers below 75.2 °F. This is quite easy to do given it is close to the average temperature of a room. If the room is a bit warmer, then the chances of mildew or mold growth increase. Common errors are storing the cannabis flower in an electrical component that gives off heat, a cupboard above an electric light, or near a window with direct sunlight. Furthermore, if you place your cannabis flower under direct sunlight, it will deteriorate the cannabis. It is ideal to store your cannabis flower in a dark drawer or cupboard.  

The correct humidity is even more crucial. Anything higher than 60% relative humidity can attract bacteria. This is particularly true if there’s too much heat. On the other hand, humidity lower than 50% could diminish the taste and potency over time since low humidity dries out both the CBD and the terpenes. For those who don’t know, these two properties are accountable for providing a certain strain of its unique flavor and smell.  

Humidity is a lot harder to manage since a 60% humidity level is a bit higher in general when compared to a usual environment in a house. There are cheap products that you can place inside the containers to help maintain the right humidity. The ideal containers are glass jars since plastic has a tendency to carry static electricity that could influence the product.  

Also, it is vital to keep your paraphernalia, such as pipes in a separate area. The reason for this is that it can also influence the aroma and flavor of cannabis