Dos and Don’ts in Doing Roof Cleaning  

Cleaning your roof is a hard task. You need to know the proper methods and products to use to clean effectively. But hiring a professional roof cleaning service is recommended. But if you are up to the challenge, there are things you should know before starting the task. Read the dos and don’ts in cleaning your roof 

Roof Cleaning

Dos and Don’ts of Roof Cleaning  


  1. Wet your roof with plain water before you start cleaning them and leave for a while. In this way, you can easily remove them before using your bleach solution.
  2. Have patience in cleaning. Usually, it will take a full afternoon to clean your roof. Algae are not easily removed, so have patience and dedicate your whole afternoon in doing the task.
  3. Clean during a cloudy day where the wind is calm and not blowing. Weather can interfere with your cleaning so better to select this type of weather to avoid hindrances.


  1. Do not ignore your landscape and areas around the roof. Chemical solutions can actually harm your landscape killing your grass.
  2. Do not clean during the sunny day. The chemical solution will dry quickly limiting its cleaning property.
  3. Do not assume all the cleaning solutions will remove the algae immediately. Make sure to reapply again.

Things you should consider in roof cleaning: 

  1. You can actually do the task but do not consider it an easy job. Cleaning your roof takes time. It will take full day work. So, if you are a very busy person, hiring a professional is the best solution. But if you want to do it, there are three things you should think about:
  2. The chemical products you are going to use. Buy only trusted products with different formulas and solutions for killing algae. You can research this, on what products to use.
  3. Use only products that won’t damage the landscape and surrounding areas of your house.
  4. Cleaning your roof is not easy. Better prepare yourself with full day work.
  5. Hiring a roof cleaning service is not actually expensive. According to the professional experts, you can clean your roof once in every three years. Some roof cleaning service RI will only charge a fair price. The service will usually range from $200 to $800, depending on how big is your roof. The price is actually worth for the full day cleaning, smelling the chemical products and the importance of cleaning your roof. 
  6. Roof algae are problems you cannot ignore. Algae destroy the shingles of your roof. This is because they feed off from the limestone that produces shingles. If not removed, you might find your utility bills getting high. Shingles prevent the UV heat coming inside your house. When they are being eaten off by algae, your AC will work more in keeping your house cool. Even though algae are not visible in your roof, you should clean it as recommended by experts.
  7. Your roof can be cleaned in two ways. One is through the high pressurized water. It will be prayed all over your roof to remove the molds, algae and any dirt on it. The next one is the using of chemical products. The solution is used to remove the harmful things damaging your roof.